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Sex Professional Advice

Having Midlife Libido Problems?

Having Midlife Libido Problems?

I am scared to grow old. Horrified about losing sexual cravings and cant do something about it. I dont want that to happen to me, thats why as far as I am concerned, Im going to live my life the way I want to.

How can I side step this mid-life Libido problem? For me, I keep sexually active by playing with myself or with my partner using the sex toys I bought in an Australian adult toy store. It helps retain my sexual drive and because of the diversity of the different sex toys, creams, lubes and capsules, it makes me curious and I want to experiment more.

Midlife Libido

Have you lost that warm sensation? Terrified it vanished permanently? The lack of passion with sex is more likely with age, but it isnt necessarily an everlasting end result of getting older. If your sex urge is on the decrease as you get older, there are ways to boost your libido and performance in bed.

Communication is Necessary

When dealing with adjustments that involve sexuality, it is essential to approach this with the same openness and sincerity that you use in other areas of your relationship.

Sexual Changes are Unstoppable

Hormones are often to blame, particularly when it comes to the nature of sex.

Age related issues and changes are to be expected. It will occur throughout your body, encircling changes in your physical appearance, in your strength and abilities, and performance.

What to do?

  • Every human being has his/her expiry date. Dont despair if your libido is restricted and definitely dont ignore it. Accept the fact that a lack of sexual desire is the standard for your age, but dont waste your time sulking about it! Do something and find ways to boost your sexual health!
  • Keep communication lines open with your partner. Work on specific symptoms and let your partner long for more intimate moments with you.
  • Learn to understand each others body language and listen to it. In doing so, it will make your partner feel that he/she is still needed and admired.
  • Constantly share your feelings with one another, be open and make sure that theres a strong emotional connection to keep the flavor in a relationship.
  • Make a sexual act more pleasurable to achieve a healthy sense of sexual balance.
  • Keep a positive attitude towards this issue. Being spontaneous will also help to keep the spark alive.

Introduce Adult Tools to your life

  • If needed, use sex toys or enhancement creams or capsules to assist in sexual satisfaction. Make love better with these sex toys to increase sensitivity and pleasure and eventually a more extreme and satisfying sexual experience.
  • Libido decrease is a complication that includes both body and mind. As you start aging and as your hormones lessen, your mind tends to forget about your sexual needs and your body follows. Dont let this happen to you! Sexual changes might be inevitable but dont let this come your way. Dont be hesitant to improve your libido with sex toys, because it will certainly increase your sexual drive and can make ones life much more fulfilling.

If youre ready to take action, you can get your toys, capsules and creams at any Adult Shop in Australia!

Let your fantasies come to life, again.

The Art of Masturbation

The Art of Masturbation

Now, lets talk about masturbation!

Masturbation is a term commonly used to refer to the act of stimulating ones own genitals to induce pleasure, usually to the point of orgasm.

Sexual stimulation could be done manually (hand-operated); by various forms of sensual bodily contiguity also known as non-penetrative sex (such as mutual masturbation and dry humping but not to the extent of having sexual intercourse); by means of using objects or tools (sex toys and other adult novelties); and sometimes, a combination of any of these procedures.

Masturbation is also generally known as a form of auto eroticism which is an act of goading oneself sexually.

Female masturbation procedures involve a woman stroking or rubbing her external genitalia or vulva, particularly focusing on the clitoris with the use of the middle and/or index fingers. At intervals, one or more fingers can be inserted into the vagina to simultaneously stroke the g-spot which is located at the frontal walls.

Masturbation gizmos such as dildos and vibrators can also be used to stimulate both clitoris and vagina. These can be bought at your leading Australian sex toys shop. Some prefer anal stimulation while others prefer to just focus on the vaginal region while using a free hand to massage their breasts or touch their nipples. Lubrication is occasionally used during masturbation especially if penetration is involved. However, this idea is not universally applicable since a number of women already find their natural lubrication adequate to perform such act.

Banal positions include kneeling, squatting, lying on back or lying facedown, sitting and standing with a leg up against the bed or a chair.

Muscle control is also necessary to manipulate orgasms and enhance sexual provocation.

The most common form of Male masturbation is by simply holding the penis with a loose or eluded fist then moving the hand on an up and down motion along the shaft. The rate of motion of the hand activity deviates from person to person, whereas it is not unusual for the speed to increase as ejaculation draws near and for it to diminish during the actual time of ejaculation.

For uncircumcised males, penis stimulation is done by holding up the foreskin and sliding it up and down over the head of the shaft. The penis is either partially or fully covered, depending on the length of the foreskin, during this gesticulation.

Oftentimes, the hand speed causes friction which results to soreness and mild irritation. Hence, the aid of a personal lubricant may be used.

Placing the index finger and the thumb around the penis and sliding it halfway along the shaft is another technique done by both circumcised and uncircumcised males. Another commonly used approach is to lie facedown while rubbing the penis against the bed or any comfortable surface. This concept may include the use of an artificial vagina or any adult toy that helps diffuse pleasure. (I had a friend who bought his pocket pussy at an adult shop in Australia)

There are other different methods when it comes to male masturbation. Some massage the glands region which consists of a number of nerve endings while massaging the testicles; by massaging and adding pressure to the perineum (which is the area located between the testicles and anus); and by means of prostate stimulation with the use of fingers or devices usually associated with female masturbators.

Male or female, circumcised or not, masturbation has become a daily ritual for some. It is a stress-reliever and a form of self-gratification that enables each and every individual to explore their sexualities and pleasurable desires further.

To enhance your sexual drive, dont forget to get your sex toys at any Australia sex toy store.

How To Seduce Your Man

How To Seduce Your Man

Some may find the Art of Seduction a bit tricky. It takes a lot of gut, will-power, creativity and motivation to perfectly execute such task. On the other hand, experienced individuals think of it as an opportunity to loosen up and reap the benefits of their sexual urges and purges.

I used to cringe at the mere thought of seduction when I was a newbie on carnal knowledge. Back then, I was a bit conscious of my gestures, the shape of my body, and how my partner would react if I did one wrong move. Eventually, I realized that loving bits and pieces of your body and keeping an open mind releases you from the strains of sexual tension and frigidness. (Thanks to that Australian sex toys shop where I bought my first adult novelty! It definitely changed my views on sexual exploration.)

Basically, sex is not just about how much head you give or how many times you can make him cum. Its a matter of giving and taking, pressing the right buttons, understanding what pleases you and your partner, and letting your imagination lead the way towards orgasmic sex positions and the like. As of the moment, I make it a point to keep my man fully satisfied with these few simple seductions steps to keep things hot and steamy in the bedroom (or anywhere else!).

1. Choose the right time of the day. To minimize the possibility of catching your man after a bad day at work, ensure your seduction plans are timed where youre both mentally and physically relaxed.

2. Setting the mood (lingerie, food, drinks, music). Men typically dont require as much forethought into the atmosphere of the room. Instead they feed from body language we provide for them.

3. Beginning your prowl. Learn his fantasies: prior investigations into what your man fantasizes about will pay-off big time. Does he want to role play? Is there a sex toy he likes to use on you or himself? (You can get any adult novelty at Australian sex toys shop)

4. Engaging his hot spots: Again a little prior investigation can pay off in multiples here. Running your hands over his chest or down his back scratching the skin lightly is never a bad way to go though. Be sure to stimulate the less erogenous zones, if he attempts to move your hands give him a smirk and continue on with your own exploration. If his hands continue to intervene simply place them over your body, no sense in wasting his energies if they can be put to use for you.

By now your lover will be aching with desire and Im sure you already know what to do to tame his pulsating beast.

A few further ideas to consider would be:

  • Talking dirty
  • Position experimentation
  • Doing a strip tease
  • You can also use this opportunity to fulfill one of your own dirty little fantasies. Why not use sex toys that you can purchase from an online store in Australia? Your lover will appreciate your kinkiness and ability to experiment.

So be safe and have some fun.

Common mistakes made by men before, during and after sex

Common mistakes made by men before, during and after sex

Men are bound to make mistakes before, during and after intercourse. The following are the most frequent mistakes they make and women complain about.

1. Demanding. For a woman, getting in the right mood can be more mental than physical. She can get turned on easily when you say something nice to her before sex. This means, you have to be more understanding about her thoughts and ideas before and after sex. Dont be too pushy to have sex immediately as this might stress her out before having sex. (A good start would be watching an Adult DVD together. You can get one from an Australian Sex Toy Shop)

2. Aggressiveness. In nature, a man only takes a few minutes to reach his climax while it takes a woman longer to reach climax. If you want her to be satisfied, slow things up and give her a chance to catch up with you. So more foreplay, keeping your pants on longer, or using desensitizers like creams, sprays and capsules to make your area less sensitive so that youll be able to wait it out. (You can get these helpful desensitizers at an Online Sex Toy Store)
Womens clitoris and vaginal areas are very sensitive and can be very unpleasant if youre not careful. Take your signals from her, communicate and read her body to help you where to start and take your time for her to adjust and get comfortable. Dont let her lose her mood completely because of your aggressiveness. Always be willing to put your urgency on hold in order to make it a pleasant encounter for her too.

3. Selfishness. Dont forget to ask her what she likes and of course, ONLY ask if you are willing to do it for her. Because if she tells you what she likes and you pay no attention to it, she may be temporarily insecure and be slightly embarrassed, and this will result to an uncomfortable experience.
Sex should be fun and its all about sharing something together, so dont make it all about you. Make her feel important at all times. Give her an intimate moment by throwing her compliments and kissing her all over.

4. Turning your back from her and sleeping after sex. Never try to do this as the woman would feel used. Cuddle with her before going to sleep. Show her that you appreciate everything about her and telling her that the sex was great and how hot she looked. By doing this, the next time you have sex, shell be more comfortable and relaxed.

Sex is one of the biggest parts of relationships, and so helping a man recognize these mistakes and be man enough to admit them will mean better sex all around. When both partners feel like their needs are being met and that both are concerned enough with each others happiness, the relationship will improve and the intimacy strengthens that result to an enjoyable encounter.

And who knows, if everything works out, you might just end up browsing a Sex Toy Store Online to spice things up.

What NOT to do in Bed

What NOT to do in Bed

Can you rate yourself from 1-10 on how good or bad you are in bed? Put yourself in your partners shoes, would you like to make love to yourself? What are you like to have sex with? If you can truthfully answer these questions, you can most probably identify ways on how you can improve your abilities as an intimate and sexual partner. Nevertheless, having sex is a learned skill; it takes practice and time to learn it well. Its like any other creative arts such as painting, dancing or writing, and sports like basketball, baseball or tennis that need imagination and effort to sharpen your skills and have the ability to do it well. And you have to do the same with sex. (If youre willing to be really good in the art of sex, you can try playing with sex toys Buy Sex Toys Online)

So, in this attempt to assist our readers in attaining new sexual vistas, Im starting to write more about the main DONTS in bed.

Im going to do one point for the ladies and one for the gents.

For the Ladies:

Do not pressure Him! We oftentimes expect all men to do the hard work in bed. But with this kind of thinking, its really not going to work out. This leaves too much pressure on him and creates tension for the both of you. You will become too focused on what hes doing rather than feeling the pleasure. Pressuring him will let him feel that he always has to get it right.

This means, you have to take some time to get yourself fairly in the mood first before jumping into bed with him. When you do this, youll find it so much easier to be responsive to your partner when you take a few moments to enliven your sexual energy first. Take a hot bath, light some aromatic candles, massage oil/lotion onto your body, dance to a slow beat or just think of sex itself. You can also watch an adult DVD with your partner or talk dirty to him. Just be willing to do things with him and everything will be alright. (Try the KamaSutra Pack or any lotion enhancer to get you in the mood easily. You can buy these at an Online Sex Toy Store.)

For the Gentlemen:

Take your time! Dont be in a rush, well get there! Keep your needs on hold, dont reach down too quickly. Women need some foreplay before they are ready to be touched directly in their private parts. So cuddle her, look into her eyes, run your hands through her hair and rub her back and shoulders, and of course kiss her all over. Touching her gently and sensually will help your woman relax. By doing this, shell be much more receptive and responsive in your sexual ways. (If you really want her to want you, there are sex scents nowadays that would really do the trick, you can get one at a Sex Toy Store Online)

I wanted to point this out for long-term relationships because couples often get despondent. I am of course being subjective here, as in my private practice; I frequently notice these occurrences and hear my friends making the same mistakes. Dont make similar errors happen over and over again.

Why not take my advice and give it a try? Because of these tips that Ive learnt through personal experience, I am now able to have a satisfying sex life. After trying, please comment and share your experience with us. Let us know how this works for you.

Always remember, sex should be an enjoyable encounter. And practice makes everything perfect.

HOT or NOT: A Quick Guide to Seduction and Turn-ons

HOT or NOT: A Quick Guide to Seduction and Turn-ons

Seduction is not some sort of mysterious power that only a chosen few have. It is a natural human trait. Everyone has it in them; its just a matter of how you do it and how effective you are at doing so. Practice makes perfect. Maybe you could add up a bunch of sex toys- which can be bought at any Australian Sex Toys Shop to aide you with your sexual conquests?

Seduction is a mixture of:

  • Physical Attraction this refers to your style, appearance and presence.
  • Emotional seductiveness creating warm, fluttery feelings in other people make you all the more seductive to them on an emotional context
  • Intellectual magnetism no matter how magnificent you look, a person without intellect is looked upon as an empty shell. The mind is your ultimate erogenous zone. Seductive intellectual conversations are one of the most powerful seductive tools one could have.

Whats HOT:

1. A relaxing bubble bath, sparkling champagne, and delicious strawberries

2. Sexy lingerie

3. Whispering erotic fantasies in his/her ear

4. Surprising him/her with a well planned seduction scene complete with bondage sex toys, accessories, aphrodisiacs, etc. that you bought from an online sex toy shop

5. Soft, crisp smelling cotton sheets

6. Sipping hot chocolate and cuddling in front of a fireplace at some intimate getaway

7. Intimate spooning after reaching the big O

8. Skinny dipping in the lake

9. Cherries and cherry popsicles

10. A woman wearing pearls and ONLY her pearls

11. Shopping together for adult novelties on sex toys stores online

12. Sensual Salsa dancing

Whats NOT:

1. Cigarettes / Cigars

2. Grandma underwear

3. Not discussing about using contraceptives and STDs before having sex

4. Sweaty, stinky beards and overall bad hygiene

5. Garlic breath

6. Sharing his/her secrets with other people

7. Ogling or perusing other men or women in the presence of your significant other

8. Not paying enough attention to your woman and then walking into the dining area with your bath robe open with your stiff dick visible as you say Hey baby, Big Daddy wants to play with you!

9. Mud pack, curlers, and oversized house dress

10. Same time, same place, same boring position

11. Not being open to newer sexual ideas

12. Turning your back at her after sex

Her Greatest Sexual Turn Ons

  • A man who constantly reminds her that she is beautiful one of her most superficial but significant needs. If she agrees to your whim of keeping the lights on, make her feel glad that she did!
  • A man who desires to please her sexually. Make her feel like a goddess you worship. Give her the kind of pleasure she desires and it will come back to you tenfold!
  • A man who allows her to enjoy sex as much as he does. Its about selfishness and thinking of the other persons pleasure. Its not about who comes first. Sex isnt a race nor should it be.
  • A man who acknowledges the fact that a woman doesnt only want to reach climax through intercourse alone. Do not limit yourself. Her entire body is one major erogenous zone. Let her guide you towards her sweet spots.

His Greatest Sexual Turn Ons

  • A woman who truly enjoys sex with him. Letting him know that he continuously takes you to newer heights of pleasure will definitely drive him wild. As a result, his sole purpose would be to please you whatever it takes!
  • A woman who tells him what turns her on in a gentle manner without acting like a traffic cop. Oh yes right there! Keep going! Thats it!
  • A woman who can be adventurous and unpredictable at times. Ill cook dinner if youd let me blow you at the fire exit. Thrill him once in a while with your sense of adventure. Dont be afraid to try new things.
  • A woman whos okay with the idea of keeping the lights on. Men are visual creatures and giving something to look at is something they consider to be extremely seductive. Of course, smell, taste and touch also matters to them.

Pre-sex Jitterbugs: His and Her Fears

Pre-sex Jitterbugs: His and Her Fears

The first time you have sex with a new partner is an exciting, bold and sometimes a dreadful experience. Why dreadful? Thats because you have yet to see every teeny tiny little aspect of your partners body and the fear of finding something repulsive in them the fear of the unknown!

Whether youre a woman or a man, it is only normal to feel jittery before getting intimate with someone. For what its worth, your partner will experience almost the exact same thing on the onset of that scenario no matter how well the person knows you and no matter how experienced or confident he or she can be. The time before the first time can be terrifying as it is invigorating.

Lets get down to business.

HIS Fears.

1. Size Does it really matter? Because of societal influences and orientations, it has been programmed in our minds that bigger is better. A big house, a big car, and a big bank account equates to how important you are in society. Its sad how some people tolerate this superficial notion, especially those men who believe that the bigger-better concept applies to their sexual organs as well. No matter how we women assure them that performance matters most, men will still measure the size of his dick with his sexual capabilities.

As a matter of fact, men are more worried about their size than women are. Studies show that fewer than 50% of women care at all. If you dont believe that men are concerned about this unnecessary dilemma, why do you think adult shops in Australia sell penis enlargement products?

The best advice for gentlemen who are facing this inferiority complex is to forget the size and concentrate on pleasing your woman. She will absolutely love you for it.

2. Getting IT Up. As much as women fear menopause, men, on the other hand, fear impotence. The inability to have an erection is a thing that a lot of men try to avoid. However, this is applicable to men of all ages which could happen on an occasional or one-time occurrence, or it could be a chronic condition.

Sometimes, erectile dysfunction is caused by stress, too much alcohol and smoking, fatigue, lack of exercise, heart disease, poor diet, or medication. It is best to consult your doctor to discuss the option of taking virility pills to ease this problem.

3. Going off too soon. It is a fact that the first round is the quickest; but if its too quick and youre leaving your partner unsatisfied, it may be a good time to seek some advice. It is best to tell her about this beforehand and she will surely understand. There are a lot of alternatives out there that are offered by sex toys shops in Australia to help you delay ejaculation. (You can try the Ultra Maximum Delay Spray) You and your partner can also engage in lots of foreplay and oral sex first then take it from there.

4. Sexual Technique. This can be learned eventually. Practice makes perfect. Just remember that learning experiences are reaped from every single new lover. Sexual techniques are relative what a woman thinks drives her wild may not be the same as with another. As long as you allow yourself to explore what she likes, sexual performance will never be a problem.

HER Fears.

1. Revealing her physical flaws for the first time. If men are insecure about their penis size or performance, women on the other hand are concerned about their bodily imperfections: love handles, stretch marks, barely-there boobs, too big boobs, cellulite, fats, scars and the list just goes on and on! Yes, us women could tell ourselves a lot of times how beautiful and hot we are, but the idea of appearing nude in front of a new lover seems to trigger panic attacks. What men dont know is that beauty will always be an issue amongst the female gender even the most gorgeous women in the world have their own insecurities.

It is absolutely normal to feel nervous to get naked for the first time with a new lover. The trick is to learn how to appreciate and love your own body in order to surpass this emotional and mental torture. When youve gotten the hang of this technique, your nervousness will quickly die down leaving your beautiful body yearning for the pleasure it deserves.

2. The Big O. Many women actually feel pressured to prove their womanhood so the guy feels assured of his manhood. Consequently, faking orgasms has become a trend amongst females who are worried about not being able to climax when the man does for fear of crushing his ego. They might be accused of something being wrong with them or that the man doesnt have enough skill to make them climax.

How to overcome this?

  • Learn to fully appreciate your sexuality. Embrace it. It is a part of you.
  • Be honest about telling your man what pleases you. Forget about being shy. The more you deprive yourself of sexual pleasure, the longer it will take for you to experience an orgasm.
  • Have the desire to learn. You may not be able to climax now but that can be easily changed. Find different alternatives to help you get off. (Try sex toys for example.)
  • If you truly cant orgasm at all even if your inhibitions are out of the window tell your man. It is also advisable to consult a doctor or sex therapist.

How To Use A Vibrator

How To Use A Vibrator

This article is specifically for those women who are new to the world of adult toys.

Vibrators are fun sex toys that are commonly used to aide individuals in adding zest and excitement to their sex lives. These also serve as a means for self exploration which allows for a better understanding of ones sexual needs. Vibrators can be used alone or with a partner. The variations are endless!

Vibrators come in different shapes and sizes ranging from rechargeable or plug-ins to the battery-operated ones. There are a lot of options to choose from and most of these are actually sold at any Australian sex toys store.

First and foremost, you have to assess what your preferences are in order to satisfy your desires. Otherwise, youd be wasting valuable time and money on something that cannot work for you.

There are basic factors to consider when you buy sex toys online. You have to have certain specifications when choosing a vibrator thats right for you. Do you want G-spot stimulation? Downright penetration? Clitoral stimulation? Or both G-spot and clitoral stimulation?

Once you have settled your preference issues and have gone out of the way to purchase your first vibrator, its time to put your gadget to the test.

The idea of using a foreign object on your body may seem alarming and overwhelming at first. Perhaps youre now wondering: Did I make the right decision?, What if its painful? or Now what do I do? Relax. Dont panic. You are about to experience an erotic adventure youll never forget; so sit back and read on. Here are a few basic steps on how to maximize the use of your vibrator:

1. Sanitize. As with any adult novelty, it is very important to ensure that the products you will be using are clean and germ-free. You want to have multiple Os, not infections. (You can buy toy cleaning products at online sex toys stores.)

2. Power source. Make sure that you get the required batteries for your toy if it is battery-operated or charge it at the required time frame if it is a plug-in

3. Arouse yourself. Once you have taken care of power supply and sanitation, its time to turn up the heat. Like the traditional sexual intercourse, there has to be an ample time for warming up or foreplay. The objective of this process is to prepare the body for the sex. On this case, the easiest way to achieve arousal is to watch adult dvds or magazines. Whatever works for you is fine.

4. Get comfy. Once you are sexually aroused, get into a comfortable position. (i.e. Sitting down on a couch, lying back on a soft mattress, etc.) Dont let go of sexy images and sexual fantasies in your head.

5. Feel the vibrations. Carefully draw the toy towards your womanhood. Use it to massage your labia and clitoris while making slow, sensual circles. Close your eyes and enjoy every delicious tingle.

6. Put it in slowly. For insertable vibrators, you might want to lather it up with sufficient amount of lubrication before slowly putting it in. You could also try putting a condom over it for easier insertion.

7. Maneuver it. Once its in, dont be afraid to explore your hot spots. Aim for the G-spot using a variety of different angles. Youll know youre doing it right once you get the desired feel and sensation.

Bondage Basics

Bondage Basics

Couples have tried a lot of sexual positions and different types of adult novelties in order to enhance their intimate relationships. Others seek out adult dvds, adult magazines and self-help books that they usually purchase at adult stores online so as to help them achieve their desired levels of sexual satisfaction. (And this is not only limited to the common type of relationship according to societal norms but to all individuals with various sexual orientations as well.)

Couples may have incorporated elements of bondage play into their sex lives without even knowing it. Occasional spanks on the ass, a little hair-tugging and a bit of blind-folding are some examples of mild BDSM role-play.

Unenlightened ones may think of BDSM as sick, crazy, or indecent. Perhaps, everything in this world is relative: Two people can look at the same object / thing and end up with two different and sometimes conflicting ideas.

To appreciate this sort of sexual role-play and how it can change individuals contradicting opinions, we have to delve into the basic principles of bondage.

Somewhere during the 1880s, BDSM principles were narrowed down to 3 characteristics, hence the motto: Safe, sane and consensual. This means that every teeny tiny aspect reflects safe, sane and consenting behavior of all parties involved in the scene. Clear and legal ethics are manifested through mutual consent, thus making a clear and concise distinction between BDSM and crimes of sexual harassment and violence.

What does BDSM stand for?

BDSM is a variation of:

  • B & D (Bondage and Discipline)
  • D & S (Dominion and Submission), and;
  • S & M (Sadism and Masochism / Sadomasochism)

Characters Involved in Bondage Play

1.Dominant or Top refers to the active partner who is in charge of carrying out the activity and exercising full control over the other

2.Submissive or Bottom refers to the receiver of the activities and is controlled by the Top

(Switches or the act of switching roles is also possible depending on what was agreed upon on the onset.)

Types of BDSM Scenes

1.Absolute Restraint

  • Pertains to tying up the submissive partner and sexually pleasing them
  • No physical pain is involved (i.e., flogging, spanking, whipping, or paddling)
  • The absence of pain whilst being restraint is considered a mild form of bondage play

2.Teased & Restrained

  • The submissive partner is restrained and teased with different types of ornaments for stimulation purposes such as: feather ticklers, ice, body-warming oil, vibrators, and soft bristles of a flogger, etc. all of which can be bought at Australian sex toys stores.
  • Submissive is not allowed to orgasm unless the dominant permits her/him to
  • This can include spanking and a bit of whipping or can solely be limited to using objects to stimulate your lovers hot spots and genitals

3.Sensory Deprivation & Restraint

  • Submissive is deprived one or two of the 5 bodily senses
  • The most common type of sensory deprivation method is blindfolding
  • Not being able to see what you partner is going to do next is exciting and erotic

4.Uneasy Restraint

  • Pressure and stress on joints and muscles are applied by means of restraining the submissive partner in a manner that is uncomfortable (ex. Hog-tied, arms and legs stretched out and tied to bed poles, etc.)
  • For advanced and experienced users

5.Role-playing and Restrained

  • Submissive is restrained minus the pain and is ordered around by the dominant to please him (ex. wearing a gag, nipple clamps or both, etc.)
  • Submissive is also ordered to carry on small tasks such as picking up a piece of paper with her mouth, etc. The dominant finds satisfaction through this while watching the sub bend over and struggle

6.Humiliation sans Restraint

  • Instead of being ordered around, the submissive is required to be completely naked and asked to perform tasks to please the dominant
  • The submissive may have to beg for pleasure from the dominant by kneeling on the floor
  • Even if there is no restraint, this is still referred to as bondage since an invisible leash or power-play is involved

7.Flogging sans Restraint

  • Submissive is naked and asked to bend over or get into a certain position so she or he can be spanked
  • Again, power-play is involved

8.Sensory Deprivation sans Restraint

  • Pertains to the act of blindfolding the bottom and teasing her/his body without the use of restrains

9.Purely Role-playing

  • No restraints, no spanking, no sensory deprivation or whatsoever. This is purely based on sexual theatrics. Hot school girl and naughty professor anyone?

Bondage Safety Tips

Hold your horses before trying to do anything! You might want to consider some safety measures first before taking the dive.

Before taking part in a bondage scene, bear in mind that:

  • You should NEVER let a person you hardly know tie you up
  • You should NEVER leave a bound person unattended
  • A safe word should ALWAYS be used
  • You should have a pair of scissors available (for emergency purposes)
  • Self-bondage is not safe
  • Doing certain sexual positions while all tied up may cause asphyxiation or inability to take in oxygen
  • Tying a rope around someones neck is dangerous
  • NEVER hit or apply extremely hard pressure on the genitals and anywhere that has soft tissues (beneath the rib cage area)

Mastering the art of bondage may take time and sufficient amount of research. Now you know the basics about this erotic play, you might want to try bondage beginner tools which you can find at any Australian sex shops.

Have fun and take it easy!

An Overview On Lovedolls

An Overview On Lovedolls

As some of us know, love dolls also known as sex dolls are sex toys that are considered as masturbation aids. (For a sneak peak of the latest love dolls, you can visit any Australian sex toys store online.) These come in a variety of physical appearances and sizes. You could also opt to purchase an entire body with face, or just a part of the pelvis or the face which includes vital accessories anus, mouth, vagina and penis) for sexual arousal. Sometimes, parts may be interchangeable / removable and vibrating.

The use of these toys is commonly associated with Autoeroticism, which is the act of satisfying ones sexual urges and needs in the absence of a sexual partner.

Decades ago, companies began making these dolls originally for handicapped and disabled men. Now these have become available to anybody looking for a companion to fulfill their fantasies. (online sex toys stores have begun selling male and female sex dolls to satisfy individuals with different sexual orientations.)

Evolution of Sex Dolls

1.Late 70s

  • The first generation of sex dolls were referred to as blow up sex dolls since they were inflatable
  • Looked upon as a balloon with an artificial vagina
  • They were mostly made up of rubber or vinyl
  • Extremely cheap and not that durable since the seams tend to falter or burst after a couple of uses
  • Failed to depict realistic physical features.

2.Early 80s

  • Doll-shaped pocket pussies were invented (Imagine a palm-sized Barbie doll with a life-sized vagina as an opening)

3.Late 80s

  • Instead of plastic, heavy latex became the main composition of sex dolls.
  • seams were welded
  • Physical features became somehow apparent because of the added nylon hair / wig and plastic eyes
  • Started to look like actual human beings but the artificial aspect remains dominant
  • Arms and legs arent movable since they come in one entire piece

4.Early 90s

  • Introduction of sex dolls with detachable parts became popular since they are convenient and easier to store
  • Facial features, arms and legs became more detailed

5.Mid 90s

  • Sex dolls began to have a more realistic skin feel
  • Sex dolls made of high quality silicone were then introduced to the market
  • Sex toys doll manufacturers tried to incorporate improvised joints and bones in hopes to make the hands and legs moveable. This attempt turned out to be a failure.

6.Late 90s

  • Life-size dolls that look and feel almost human entered the adult industry during this period
  • Any sexual position and posture are made possible to achieve since the hands and legs are already moveable

Nowadays, the developments and modifications of new-age sex dolls continue to surprise the general public. Beautifully sculpted faces, supple breasts, tapering legs, slender bodies and realistic genitals are some of the traits that are becoming more and more apparent in the innovation of these adult novelties.

Silicone, cyberskin, latex and futurotic material are only a few of the many compounds used in the making of these dolls in order to simulate realistic feel and physical characteristics. PVC is also used to make the joints and limbs flexible. (This is an alloy which tends to go back to its original forged shape. This means that no matter how you twist, straddle and move your doll in different sexual positions, it still has the capacity to go back to its given shape. This material is nonetheless lightweight.)

Additional features include thrusting pelvis, audio sensory and responsive abilities, and the users ability to change the dolls facial expressions.

Understanding why some individuals use Sex Dolls

There are a variety of reasons why individuals use sex dolls to aid in stimulation, masturbation and penetration. In a world of ambiguity, anything is possible!! Some individuals categorize them as another sex toy option.

Then there are others who find it impossible to intimately socialize with other individuals, having personal reasons of their own, thereby having an unlimited choice to the various sex dolls available.

There are some couples who want to engage in threesome but are bothered by the idea of picking up a person they hardly know.

Whenever curiosity kicks in and you decide to buy sex toys online, perhaps you should check out the ever-growing selection of love dolls.

How to Become a Better Lover

How to Become a Better Lover

To become a better lover, you have to take these 3 elements of relationship seriously. I’ve made a survey out of it and asked couples what are the present qualities or drive that makes them so attached with their partners and what keeps them to stay stronger. And so I broke it down to 3 and this is what I came up with:
1. Sex drive or the craving for sexual gratification
We are all aware with the importance and force of sexual gratification and this is actually different for each person. Most people just want to feel like they are able to please their significant other and feel like they are on the same page. But this kind of thinking isn’t really going to help you out and it shouldn’t be like this. You have to make the most out of it and learning to do so will give you an amazing outcome.
Instead of making sex unexciting and tiresome, be spontaneous and you must learn how to mix sex with emotions, desires, fantasies and with a deeper relationship between partners. You may want to try to browse at an Online Sex Toy Store to find something exciting for you and your partner. That way, it would be possible to alter sex into something more powerful, rich and beautiful. There underlies the wisdom of the lover.
If there are no surprises in bed, no discoveries, inventions or shockers and it all ends in the same old monotony, sex won’t prosper. The act and art of sex has to be mixed with laughter, stories, promises, words, candles, wine, and dreams. It has to be turned as mystic as it can get. Only then, with sex and emotions together it’s achievable to attain the climax, that perfect feeling of absolute satisfaction in body, soul and mind – A feeling that everyone in the world will love to feel over and over.
2. Romantic love
That elation and focused attention, craving for a particular individual and the feeling that you want to protect the person. Like there’s the need of hope, like the premise of romance which is such a hopeful feeling. Also, romantic love is hard to put a thumb on but keep in mind that the connection that two people feel between each other makes everything… makes everything deeper and more passionate. You don’t have sex, you make love.
3. Attachment
That sense of calm and security that you can feel for a long term partner as companionship is the most important thing when you’re old. The feeling of completeness shall be present, like you can say to yourself that the search is finally over and you can enjoy yourself and enjoy the person you are with. And the feeling that you have knowing that you are going to be able to share the rest of your life with the person.
* To sum it all up, it’s all about having the foundation in building a great relationship. The key to become a better lover is to take each other to the sexual moment through different roads. For example, deep relaxation in your bedroom with the calming KamaSutra set from a Sex Toy Store Online, with a soothing music and a deep talk with a glass of wine. The next day, maybe in a public place, rapidly and with a lot of adrenaline. All I’m saying is have a goal to create. Create ambiances, sensations and emotions that will all make your partner feel and enjoy sex in a much more intense way. You will realize that not only will your partner enjoy more, but so will you. Only this way will lovers will enjoy the most of the amazing road that is sexual satisfaction.
Read more of our tips, guides and advices at our Australian Sex Toy Store.

Does Size Really Matter?

Does Size Really Matter?

We live in a society that deals with the notion that “bigger is better” - bigger salary, bigger house, bigger car and the like. And when it comes to penis size – well – the thicker and longer, the better!

It is a fact that men are obsessed with their own penises that they somehow think that their manliness is determined by the size of their member. It’s somehow similar to women who think that having big boobs, big round asses and hour-glass-like bodies complete their womanliness.

Studies show that 75% of men all over the globe are insecure and conscious of their endowments. Hence, they resort to different alternatives offered by adult stores online to enhance these. We have those formulated ideas that revolve around this specific insecurity.

They say that penis size depends on:
• Size of the hands
• Size of the thumb (tip up to the base)
• Size of feet

To dispel these urban legends and to keep you from making such a big deal out of not having the “ideal size”, we have provided you with a couple of Penile Facts to put you at ease.
1. The average size of a Caucasian’s penis is 3.5 inches when flaccid, and 5.1 inches when erect
2. Research shows that men who request for penis enhancement surgery are actually average-sized
3. The penis doesn’t grow until a male reaches puberty (usually falls within the 10-14 age bracket)
4. The penis grows longer and thicker during puberty. It reaches adult size at the age of 16 and then stops growing. Based on gathered evidences, the penis tends to shrink by the time middle age is reached.
5. The only way to achieve permanent thickness and ideal penis size is through surgery. (For men who are somewhat satisfied with their sizes but would want to add a couple of inches, you could try using a penis pump or growth enhancers that you can purchase from Australian sex toys stores .)

Let’s face it guys; there’s always two sides to a coin. We can’t really generalize that all women don’t mind the size of a man’s dick. While some would say that “it’s the performance that counts”, others would say the opposite.

I conducted a brief survey and asked several women from the 18 – 50 age brackets whether or not penis size does matter:

“I feel sad when a woman says that performance matters rather than size. It’s like she’s feeding the man’s ego and making him feel better about himself while on the contrary, she isn’t really enjoying having sex with him. I have this one unforgettable experience. I was going out with a great guy – good-looking, smart, classy, great kisser – the works! The first time we starting getting intimate, I was surprised to find out how small his dick was. He said he already had it in when he started thrusting but I couldn’t feel a darn thing! In summation: what is performance when the “performer” is non-existent?!”
Lydia, 47, Entrepreneur
Brisbane, Australia

“I think most women don’t really mind penis sizes. As we say ‘It’s not the size that counts, it’s the performance.’ As long as a man knows how to use his penis, sexual satisfaction can be achieved. “
Samantha Drake, 22, Student
Darwin, Australia

“I will forever go for the size. I like thick and long dicks – especially those that are over 8 inches. I mean, mastering the art of love making can be learned; but a dick that’s less than 5 inches is a major problem. What’s the point of having sex without being able to feel anything right? I’d rather choose a vibrator over that one!”
Krishna Walker, 35, Accountant
British Columbia

“Size matters. You know why? As you age the vaginal muscles lose its tightness, and I don’t think a woman would be able to enjoy sex as much as she did with a below-average sized penis.”
Laura May, 49, Flower shop owner
Mississippi, USA

“I think I’d rather go for the performance. It doesn’t matter if the guy has a big dick. I think the emotional feelings involved are more important than just focusing solely on the size. I mean, you could always buy dildos at online sex toys stores.”
Tanya Haefner, 27, Accountant
Queensland, Australia

Top 4 Sex Positions for Couples

Top 4 Sex Positions for Couples

I once asked my mother about the best sexual position there is; (Yes, I seek my mother for sexual advice!)  And she told me that it doesn’t matter which position you’re in as long as you do the deed with someone you trust and whom you feel comfortable doing it with. Bottom line: Missionary Position.

Indeed, the Missionary is the universal – if not an all-time favorite – position that requires the male to be on top while the woman lies on her back as they face each other. It is intimate and allows partners to enjoy eye to eye contact while nuzzling or kissing between intervals, and leaves enough “space” for hand movement (e.g. preening each others’ hair, fondling the woman’s breasts, etc.).

However, with the introduction of different styles and aides (such as sex toys from Australian adult toys stores), couples and sex gurus alike have altered and developed innovative ways to spice up traditional ‘sexual arrangements’.

Here are the top 4 Sexual Positions for couples to enjoy:


Doggy Style

Also known as “Doggy Position” which was derived from the Latin words coitus more ferarum, is a sex position wherein the receiver is required to go down on all fours while the inserting partner penetrates the vagina or anus from behind.

The inserting partner – usually the male – has an unimpeded view of the receiver’s body from the rear allowing him to stimulate the partner’s genitals, buttocks, breasts, or anus. (You can also get vibrating bullets or other adult novelties from sex toys shops in Australia to enhance stimulation.)

This position enables deep penetration; however, it is less intimate since eye-to-eye contact and kissing become very limited.  Height or length of the legs may also cause problems during sex.

Cowgirl Position

This is an all-time favorite of many wherein the woman gets to be on top of the male in a sitting/squatting/kneeling position while they face each other. The term “cowgirl” itself depicts the image of “riding” a partner like a horse with varied circular and bucking motions.

The inserting partner could lie on his back or sit comfortably on the bed, couch or chair as he penetrates the receiver’s vagina or anus.

The woman, on the other hand, has control over the depth, angle and duration of the penetration. She could also crouch and level her upper body with the male’s torso (usually done when the male is lying down) since it allows greater genital stimulation and less strain on the thighs and knees.
Another variation of the said position is the “Reverse Cowgirl” in which the female faces away from her partner. Same principles also apply.


The Butterfly

For couples who are looking for a more intimate and deep penetration, the Butterfly is one to try.

How it’s done:

  • The female lies on her back on any flat surface with her lower body slightly dangling from the edge. (think upper buttocks down to the feet)
  • The male stands or kneels before her making sure that both of their genitals are on the same level.
  • He then takes his partners ‘ legs and places it on his shoulders
  • Upon insertion of the penis to the vagina or anus, the male holds on to his partners’ hips while controlling the depth and speed of his thrusts
  • The woman could fondle her breasts and stimulate her clitoris while being penetrated

Since this position is a bit tedious and can cause strain on the woman’s back - and “knee burns” for the man - the aid of a pillow placed underneath is necessary.


The Spoon

Before anything else, I must say that this is definitely one of the many sex positions that I truly like; perfect for that “good morning raunch”. Besides, this provides superior cuddling and stimulating access which is rather quite intimate even if you aren’t facing your partner.

Moving on…

How it’s done:

  • Both partners position themselves side-by-side as if trying to portray “2 spoons”  (yep! The tools we use to eat) with their knees being slightly bent
  • The receiver (female) lies on their side with the back against the partner’s (male) front
  • The male slides his penis inside the vagina from behind. He could either hold on to the woman’s hips, reach around her belly, or her shoulders for support and consistency of his thrusts.
  • The receiver could also bend frontward a little or raise a free leg up which allows more room for penile penetration
  • This can be performed doing fast thrusts; but slow and gentle motions are more preferred

Sex Games

Sex Games

Playing a sex game is a great way to have an intimate, sexual and enjoyable time with your partner. These sexy games are for the expressive, attentive and for those you are willing to partake in giving pleasure to your spouse or to others.

Facing these kinds of games, you need to understand the principles and objectives like any other game, to decide if it’s something you would like to try and experience.  If you’re in doubt you ask, because these games aren’t designed to offend you or others and be disrespectful. If you’re not sure about playing and you feel comfortable, go for the light and tamed levels.

These are discussion and action based sex games. Including board games, truth or dare and spin the bottle that involves sexual situations and challenging physical activity.

The idea of a sex game is players take turns telling their sexually intimate thoughts, fantasies and performing sensual dares and demands.
The beauty of sex games are: it broadens sensual and sexual perspectives; it offers the opportunity to take a sensual expedition with your lover and be able to find out some hidden buttons, concealed truths and even discover new things about yourself and others.

I’ll give you an example to determine if you’re ready to take a trip to the world of sex games!


Truth: What’s the line that always gets you hot and in the mood?
Dare: Seduce me with your sexiest get-me-to-bed-line in 1 minute.

Truth: Describe a sex scene from a series or movie that really, really turned you on.
Dare: Awaken and arouse my senses by making up an erotic story and telling it to me. I am the lead character.

Truth: Spill what you’re thinking of when you’re touching yourself.
Dare: Show me what you’ve got and let me watch you pleasure yourself.

Truth: If you could do anything taboo when it comes to sex, what would it be?
Dare: With your hands and feet tied to the bed posts, let me explore your body in unimaginable ways

Truth: We have a silky-smooth scarf, a vibrator, and a spatula. How would you use each on me?
Dare: Go into the kitchen and find something to incorporate into our sex play.

Truth: Where’s the bizarre place you’ve ever had solo sex?
Dare: For 60 seconds, stroke yourself like you’d like me to handle you

Truth: Where’s the most wildest place you want to have sex with me? Describe the atmosphere.
Dare: Pretend I’m a stranger at a bar. Try to pick me up and convince me to come home with you.

How Do Men Want to Be Satisfied In Bed?

How Do Men Want to Be Satisfied In Bed?

“How Do You Want to Be Satisfied In Bed?”

OK, I know this is not the usual sex advice article that you usually get from Yours Truly, and you’re probably thinking that I overdid this one.  The conceptualization of this entry has long been overdue. (Yes, writing reviews about dildos, vibrators and sex toys have been keeping me from accomplishing this; but I’m not saying that I didn’t have fun. By now, I’m sure most of you guys know me already.)

Anyway, I decided to spice things up a bit by going out and about, asking different guys about their opinions on the given topic: “How Do You Want to Be Satisfied in Bed?”

I actually had a great time watching some of them squirm in their seats trying to fabricate sensible output while bathing in pools of sweat. Some were comfortable talking about it, while the rest were obviously trying to put up an egotistic front and being oh-so manly about the subject. Boys will be boys, but we still love them don’t we?

In the end, I was able to gather sufficient data, although most of those were kind of similar. I came into the conclusion that choosing the best and most meaningful answers would be better so as not to bore you with such a long read.

So ladies, here are my top picks. Read carefully and learn!

From a modern Romeo’s point of view….

“Physical and mental aspects play a role in satisfying a man during sex. The main difference is that men are an ego-driven bunch. Whilst a woman likes to be admired, a man will often want to be almost worshipped during sex. Skill on the woman’s part helps of course, but incorporate the act of seemingly endless worship of the man’s member will boost both his ‘caveman pride’, his confidence, and thereby sexual performance; which is a win/win for both of you.”

Toby  Gospodarczyk-I.T Specialist
Sydney, Australia

From a happy-go-lucky perspective…
“…blowjob then intercourse.”

Vladimir Breton-Band Vocalist
Montreal, Canada

From the sexually-frustrated…
“Hahaha! Too many words! I’m a man; of course it’s from a man’s perspective, so…  I guess I can only be fully satisfied by hot facial expressions, sexy sounds - including unexpected dirty words, a tight pussy that knows how to move as well as the hips, a variety of sexual positions – not just one, using sex toys and multiple parts of the body at once – pussy, hands, mouth to make me feel pleasure. How’s that?”

John Schmidt-Web Developer / Videographer
San Francisco, CA USA

From the religious…
“I find satisfaction when my partner enjoys what I’m doing to her. The point of sexual intercourse is actually for men and women to feel ecstasy at the same time… It’s a foretaste of heaven… That idea came from Pope John Paul II. You might want to check out The Theology of the Body. That would be better than FHM. It will tell you the right way to satisfy each other… Well, sex is a sacred act… Sex isn’t bad… It’s the intent which makes it bad.”

Jules Robertson-Dancer - Theology Student
Adelaide, Australia.

From the dreamer’s mind…
“Well, submission is fun for a number of men. As for me, I like a woman who takes charge and shows a little dominance. One of my fantasies is to get raped by an attractive woman… just because it’s totally bending the laws of psychology and nature – like the odds of it happening are so unreal…”
-Bryan Kruger-
US Army
Sasebo, Japan

From a man who gets “it” at least thrice a week…
“Generally, men are sexually satisfied upon ejaculation, but the level of satisfaction differs. Sometimes, men want to be teased first before going in for the kill, you know what I mean? It’s best to start off with some hot kisses, working the way down… basic foreplay, the works! During sex, I want it slow at first as the speed gradually intensifies. I’m mostly into cream-pies, so I would want my girl to let me ‘rest it inside’ as we cuddle.”

Tips in Performing Cunnilingus, Fellatio and Analingus

Tips in Performing Cunnilingus, Fellatio and Analingus

“The lips and the tongue are the major sources of stimulation”

Oral sex relates to anything done with the mouth. Deep kissing and continuous mouth and tongue contact over the body and primarily on the genitals.

Cunnilingus is the art of making love to the vagina/clitoris using the mouth and tongue for sexual gratification.


Communication is the most important thing in the act of cunnilingus as it should be always done with great deal of serenity, personal hygiene, compassion and consensual approach of fun and pleasure. And, always read her body language to know if she's comfortable, if she's enjoying it and to know how she likes it.

Foreplay is a sexual act of kissing, touching, breast/nipple arousal, oral stimulation and other stimulating acts that should always be done slowly. Stroke her thighs, belly and breasts. Admire her whole body; kiss her all over, blow warm air softly unto her skin until you get the signal to get in between.

When you get there, move in towards the clitoris by gently spreading open the labia lips with your tongue. Flick your tongue firmly around the clit while making up and down motions. The next step is to move slowly inwards with your tongue, snuggling, tunneling and thrusting your tongue into her vagina. Remember to think only of her pleasure.

Be spontaneous at all times, as some women want additional stimulation. You can add more stimulation to her vagina by using your fingers to stimulate her G spot, or you can use adult toys like clit stimulators or anal toys to bring your partner to orgasmic heaven!

Fellatio is the art of oral stimulation of the male genitalia for sexual arousal and pleasure using the mouth and tongue


Tease your man to arouse his sexual desire. Look into his eyes seductively as this is very pleasurable for them and this is your way to communicate with him. Kiss his face, neck, shoulders, chest and stomach while rubbing your hands all over him. Don’t forget to moan as you release warm air unto his skin. When you see his eyes rolling inside his head, that’s the time to sexily whisper and ask if you can lick his hard penis.

Go down on your knees, between his legs, treat his penis like your personal lollipop and be very gentle. A man loves his shaft to be sucked, licked, and kissed intensely. This will get him excited, resulting in unbelievable orgasms.

He would like as much stimulation as possible and will like the feel of a wet, warm mouth and hands on his penis while sliding your lips up and down his cock.  Also, don’t forget to lick, suck and tickle his balls. It feels sensational for him to feel you cupping his balls in your mouth.

Men love to see women enjoying the act of performing Fellatio. Remember to stay sexy, playful and keep as much eye contact as possible. Make his cock stiff by relaxing your mouth and making the whole sucking action wet and slippery. Don't be afraid to get messy, as this adds another visual treat to the performance.

To add a little play during fellatio, a prostate stimulating vibrator or a prostate massager would really help and will surely arouse and heighten his orgasm.

Analingus is the oral stimulation of the anus and the practice of enjoying the licking and oral caressing of the anal opening


You partner should be on his/her back and legs in the air and knees close to her shoulders as this gives an easier and greater access to the anus. The nerve endings surrounding the anus respond to licking around the area.

It can also be combined with other activities such as stimulating the penis and clitoris with the hand or by using adult sex toys to excite the anus and heighten the pleasure.

Spice up Your Relationship after Marriage

Spice up Your Relationship after Marriage

Experience something new together. After you’ve been married, it may be more complex to find things that you haven’t experienced before, but open up your thoughts and imaginations to the endless possibilities out there!

So what are you supposed to do if the married sex life gets boring?

It’s all about putting flavor in your relationship! It’s the spice that will keep a relationship going. I advise all of you, be spontaneous at all times! 
Don’t ever lock yourselves in the bedroom! Never! I know, you have sex there and you need privacy, but hey, it’s much more fun if you do it somewhere else (besides, sex should be fun). Try having an intimate scene in the shower, the kitchen, in the car or even try the laundry room! Discover playful dates together and be challenged at all times.

Accessorize your love making and make a sex experience interesting! Excite each other with sex toys or one of the favorites, Role Playing! Slip on your sexy lingerie or costume and seduce your way to your partner’s body. You can play a doctor-patient relationship, teacher-student drama or better yet, cops and robbers. Adding cuffs and black leather whip will make it kinkier.

Sticking with one position can make sex more tedious. Explore new sex positions with your partner as it will lead to a better, open, and honest relationship.

Adult DVD’s are a plus. Stay together, watch together, and learn together. One of the secrets to attain motivating sexual intercourse. This will certainly bring you both to a whole new level of companionship.

These tips might be easy, but be careful with your actions; you don’t want to offend your other half. So communicate, listen and feel. Wait ‘til both parties are comfortable.

Whatever happens along the way, do it together. The process of learning is what keeps us young, and it is also what keeps our relationships bright. We can develop, grow and mature together in many different ways.

Steps to female squirting, clitoris, g-spot stimulation

Steps to female squirting, clitoris, g-spot stimulation

The Clitoris

The Clitoris is the most responsive and ultra sensitive thin-skinned erogenous zone of a woman. When this small area is caressed and pressured continuously, it heightens sexual pleasure and produces clitoral erection. It can be seen outside and above the vagina by softly pushing back the covering of the clitoral hood.


  • A Clit Stick is a woman’s favorite sex toy that is normally used to massage and tickle your clitoris. It has changeable disks to give you different levels of pleasure. You may also try the vibrating underwear to gently stimulate your clitoris and slowly heat up the insides and outsides of the vagina.


  • Considerably, the most frequent way for a woman to often reach orgasm is through direct or indirect clitoral stimulation since the entire area is extremely sensitive. To start, lubricate your fingers/sex toy, pull back the hood and start arousing the clitoris. In doing so, the clitoris packs up with blood and becomes like an erect penis. Fondle it in different motions and put a little pressure on it. A point is reached when all of the tension in the area must be released and this point is considered the orgasm. This orgasmic state can be also reached with another person through oral sex or outside stimulation (e.g. petting, necking, caressing, etc.).

The G Spot

The Grafenberg Spot, also known as the G Spot - is a term used to define the berry-shaped area of the vagina. This crimped tissue is commonly situated behind the front wall of the vagina, about two inches inside.


  • Adult vibrators are the best sex toys to reach female ejaculation. It usually comes with an angular tip to hit and stimulate the g-spot. They come in different sizes and adjustable speed to give you the utmost sensation of pure bliss.


  • Stick your finger/s inside you and touch around the surface. Feel the tiny area which is a bit rough than the outer walls, that is the g-spot. If you manage to flick it continuously, you’ll be able to raise yourself orgasm and can induce major intensity of sexual awakening the wholly deepens a woman’s sexual response.

Sex Toys 101

Sex Toys 101

“Your guide to the world of sex toys”

These tools come in different sizes, shapes and colors that will surely fit every personality. There is a huge collection of personal vibrators, penis pumps, butt-plugs, sex dolls, you name it! It’s out there!


Believe it or not, an adult sex toy develops a person’s sexual drive. When using a sex toy with your partner, it can help to build a stronger relationship between couples. These sex toys will give you a pleasurable experience, whether alone or sharing the fun with your partner.
It is a proven fact that it develops your overall health as it eases anxiety and relieves stress as you use the sex toy to reach orgasm. Sex toys can help you release all the tension in your body. It's the natural and fun way to relax and unwind at the end of a long, exhausting day!


When searching for your next sex toy, identify your needs and your wants. Consider keeping these things in mind:

Are you going solo or with a partner?
Do you want something that vibrates, or is flexible?
Is it waterproof so I can use it in the shower or bath?
Does this vibrator have a multi-speed function?
Do you like it hard or soft?
Colorful, smooth or more realistic?
Small, big, thick or thin?

If you are just starting out with sex toys, you may want to start off small and work your way up to a size you're comfortable with.
Some people are not relaxed in using these sex toys, but you just have to feel comfortable. Take your time and have fun by exploring your own sensual body and sexual desires. 


You don’t have to be anxious because there is a wide array of sex toys to choose from. There are online adult product websites that provide top of the line sex toys at affordable prices.

Remember, all of these adult toys will have their fair share in making your sexual encounters really meaningful and rewarding! There’s always a sex toy that you will definitely benefit from.

Introducing Sex Toys into Your Relationship

Introducing Sex Toys into Your Relationship

FIRST STEP: Start with yourself

These sex toys might be frightening and intimidating at first but this is a critical stage that you have to overcome. After doing so, talk to your partner about it before associating the toys into your relationship.

I prefer you start with a small sex toy to prepare yourself in dealing with the bigger and stronger ones. And from a daily basis of pleasure, unconsciously, it becomes a part of you as it plays an important role in the bedroom. Once you get used to it, next thing you know it’s the main ingredient in your bedside drawer.

SECOND STEP: Talk to your partner

Discuss it privately with your partner or talk it over a cup of coffee. Be open, honest and true to your partner at all times.

Adding adult toys into your relationship is a great initiative as it can be very encouraging and beneficial for both parties. Let him understand that incorporating such toys is a good way to have a new and exciting sex life.

Be ready for any follow through that can put a bug on things and questions like “Am I not good enough?” or, “Are you saying that you’re not satisfied and you’ve been faking it?”

Grab your partner and get a chance to look through a sex toy catalogue, brochure, or website and try saying something like, “Hey, are you up for a challenge? Let’s try one of them! Just for fun!” If he/she doesn’t like the idea, don’t push through and wait for another time. If he/she agrees, then go and choose a toy that you’re both comfortable with, maybe start with a cock ring or a mini vibe.

When you have selected what sex toy is right for you and your partner then purchase one and get it delivered to your front door. Make sure you have time alone with him/her to study it, free yourselves from any distractions and hurry to the bedroom and begin experimenting with your first sex toy.

Trying out sex toys for the first time is very entertaining, but be very gentle with each other and learn to read one’s body to know what she/he likes. If you’re not happy with the toy, admit it to your partner and you can get a new one. Don’t be disheartened because there’s a wide collection of toys waiting for you, of all shapes and sizes! There’s always something for everybody!

When the time comes that you’re both inclined to these sex toys, you will both create a more relaxing and enjoyable encounter.

Stimulating the Male Erogenous Zones

Stimulating the Male Erogenous Zones

A woman who takes initiative in the bedroom is His deepest fantasy. Nobody likes a dead starfish! Now get into action, move and explore what he wants! Your very touch is very powerful, take the lead and start to control him. It is very pleasurable for them to see you work and dominate.
Explore, discover and enlighten yourself and see the bliss tonight.  Let this be your guide to his body secrets.


HEAD – includes the hair, scalp, ears, and lips
The scalp and his hair are very sensitive to stimulation. A man likes his hair to be stroked slowly and his scalp to be touched gently, better if you have long nails so you can run through it in a circular motion. This action will bridge to desire and make him anticipate for more.

His ears have bundle of nerve endings, making them ultra sensitive to your touch. Softly explore his ears with your tongue and lips. Kiss and suck the edge of his ears and you can also try giving tender teasing bites to excite them more. Whisper pleasant fantasies in the sweetest voice and blow very lightly – as the sound of your breath and moans is a huge turn-on for most men.

Lips of men are as sensitive as women’s. The more you kiss the better, since lips are sensitive and it’s easy to get him aroused. Dig in deep and wide, hard and soft. Don’t forget to suck and bite their lower lips as this is such a turn-on for them.

His neck and collarbone area are the major hot zones and the back of his neck is very sensitive to arousal too. It is always a great place to turn on your partner as it is very receptive to all kisses, touches and strokes.  Run your fingertips smoothly along the edges of his collarbone for tingling sensations. Light nibbling and tugging usually work really well.

Pay attention to his whole chest area. Stroke his chest to excite him and get to his nipples. Caress them with your tongue and gently rolling it like small beads. Then try a harder approach according to his interest to make him woo for more.

BACK – including his shoulders and butt
It is said that the base of the spine is the most undiscovered sensitive spot of many men. Travel your fingertips, nails or tongue from his back up to his neck and always stroke his shoulders in the most caressing way you can. Move in small circles to excite him.  Act as if you’re exploring his whole back that you want to run your tongue and hands all over it.

Don’t forget the butt! You can give it a little spank and some teasing pinches as this will revive him and arouse him.
The best technique to stimulate them is to move your whole body onto his butt up to his back. Slide your breasts and belly to give him the most thrilling sensation without even touching his genitals.

You can also give him a playful massage by greasing both bodies with cool and funky flavored body lubricants.

Stroking his navel to the pubic zone will heighten his excitement. Kiss it and touch it very gently to make sensations more pungent.

Slide your fingers and tongue over his fingers. You can suck them too if you’d like and look straight in his eyes and make teasing facial expressions. Be reminded that every inch of his body needs your touch. Giving him tender stroke can give him an electrifying sensation. Also, touch, kiss, and nibble around his legs especially around his thighs. Watch his burning desire as your tease him along the way.

GENITALS – including his anus and perineum
This is the highest point of stimulation for a man. This is the most sensitive part of his body and engaging on it is the easiest way to get him off. The best way to please his penis is to caress it along in up and down rhythmical movements with your hands and tongue.
To really get your man going, fondle his testicles GENTLY in one hand. Even more erotic and far more cherished is to lightly suck or lick the scrotum. Be careful not to harm this area!!!

The perineum is the area between the scrotum and the anus. It is quite responsive to gentle fondling. For a smoother experience, a good lube will make the best of it.

The anus has a large amount of nerve endings bordering it and it is very sensitive. Massaging strokes of prostate, which is located few inches inside the anus, is very satisfying especially if you use lots of lubrication. The proper stimulation of this area can heighten a man's pleasure.
Remember to be sensual and gentle at all times.

Apply all of these to him, and you will certainly be loved, appreciated and remembered.

Awakening Your Senses through Sex Toys

Awakening Your Senses through Sex Toys

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to explore yourself? Have you ever imagined revealing yourself to the heights of pleasure? Do you need that little extra stimulation in the places that your partner knows nothing about, but think he or she does? Or, do you want to experience wave after wave of full body orgasms that we only read about?

The most incredible way to discover your sexual desire is through masturbation play. Why not 'spice it up' with a sex toy! An ideal introduction to the world of sex toy vibrators and dildos is to get your hands on one and experience how it facilitates human pleasure.

For starters, get something small and at the same time has a gentle vibration (e.g. cock rings, geisha balls, bullets). Search for a toy that has adjustable speeds and flexible enough to stimulate the outside and inner areas of your vagina, Use it to strengthen your muscles, to boost your sex drive, to increase the erotic sensations of self pleasure and to deepen the excitement of exploring and learning about your most intimate desires.
It is advisable to purchase a body lubricant to make the experience comfortable and enjoyable, while trying-out your new toy.

After you've experienced using smaller vibrators, you can move on to the dildos, anal sex toys, male and female sex pumps, and strap-ons and so on. It will surely add flavor to the bedroom and will heighten your sexual urge!

When using these sexy toys, please keep in mind that sexual pleasure should be fun, enjoyable and above all, safe. So it’s a must to own a sex toy cleaner.

So next time you have the urge to masturbate or have sex with your partner, reach for a sex toy... You never know, you may start to really enjoy yourself!

Sex Toys - An Alternative Solution

Sex Toys - An Alternative Solution

Discover and gain knowledge on the latest, hottest and innovative sex toys of all time as you learn to improve and hone your skills.

Lift up your sex drive by having sexy toys to stimulate and massage your physical and mental being. Find out how these adult toys can improve and shake up your sexual characteristics and desires. You just have to be adventurous, imaginative and daring with these intimate toys that are intended to please the human body.

Vibrators are very popular these days since it provides a sensational and arousing experience. It comes in different sizes with adjustable speeds to give you the ultimate control to an astounding amount of pleasure. Be it a remote control sex toy or electro stimulator adult toy; it still gives you the same feeling to reach your climax. It sure is a kick start to exercise and release sexual tensions.

An adult DVD is also a plus to help you visualize your concealed thoughts or intimate desires to get that sexual rush or urge and gain profound contentment. It will let you grasp new and fresh ideas to start with on your next sexual episode.

Lubricants / Creams are used to give you an extra boost and added staying power. These fluids are also designed to be used on your favorite toys in your bed chamber. Moreover, it will give you a buttery and soothing feeling which makes it easier to stroke.

Love dolls are the most outstanding exotic toys ever created. This would be your final test wherein you will feel comfortable and not pressurized by your partner. This is the moment wherein you take advantage of your wildest dreams and be able to let loose the beast in you.  You can even dress these dolls in sexy lingerie and play dress-up with them which is an all time favorite game. It will energize and broaden your mind to start experimenting on your brilliant ideas and you will surely notice a big change in your sexual drive. In addition, you can situate these dolls in your most wanted positions and master an intoxicating performance. This is definitely a driving force to attain and meet your sexual desires.

Take it easy and everything will be fine. There are lots of adult toys waiting for you to come out and see how you flourish and develop into an entire new individual. These kinky toys will be your private and personal best friends, from couple sex toys, female sex toys, and male sex toys to gay and lesbian sex toys. They are meant to take part in our society to activate and enliven deteriorating bodies. Never allow yourself to live a lonely and stressful life. Sex is an art to take pleasure in and not to be loathed. Remember that sex should be exciting and inspiring at the same time, so practice and everything else will follow.

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