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Sex Toys Buying Guide

Sex Toys for Anal Play

Sex Toys for Anal Play

There are anal sex toys for men and women to start with that add more pleasure to the act of foreplay and anal sex.

Anal vibrator

Anal Vibrators are designed for anal play that can provide and perform multiple functions. It’s a prostate and perineum stimulator that offers a more thrilling sensation.

Anal Dildos

Anal Dildos are distinctively designed for a fun and direct anal stimulation. They are fun to use and perfectly slide in smoothly in our love holes. These sex toys come in wide collection of sizes, shape and colors that will surely go well with your sexual taste – be it for novices or experts.
Butt plugs – they are the diamond-shaped toys, thin at the tip and goes thicker at the end. These are intended to be situated in the anus for playful wild encounters or simply placed in the anus to hold firm for stimulation.

Anal beads and balls

Anal Beads and Balls is a string of beads with a ring at the end so it won’t get lost inside you and would be easier to hold on to. Some beads gradually get thicker as you reach the end, so more lube is needed. For a fun play, go back and forth and move them in circular motions.
These specific sex toys are exclusively for anal stimulation, or can be combined with genital stimulation for a stronger and powerful orgasm. They vary in size, shape and color so you can pick what suits your sexual desires and needs.

Anal sex shouldn’t be painful so take it slow and be gentle. Remember to have fun because that’s what sex and experimentation is all about.
Lubricant is necessary for anal penetration as the anus does not produce its own lubricant.

We Vibe!

We Vibe!

The sex toy of the year and most talked about adult produt is the We-Vibe! This flexible sex toy comes in a purple sleek design with 9 different vibrations which makes it more exciting! It’s good for clitoral massage and g spot stimulator. It can be used alone and can be worn while making love. This sexy toy is waterproof, easily operated with a single push button, and will definitely bring you to pure bliss!

Couples Sex Toys for Travelling

Couples Sex Toys for Travelling

Looking for the perfect sex toy to take on a business trip or on a holiday with you that will fit unnoticeably in your luggage?

Eleven Creations has a wide selection of adult toys that are ideal traveling companions that can be discreetly kept in your hand-carry. May it be waterproof or something that vibrates!

The best toy to bring! It fits perfectly in your luggage and is very discreet! It has 9 vibrations, rechargeable, sleek and flexible. What more can you ask for?

Tunnel Ticklers
These ticklers are easy to store away. They will sure make your holiday a perfect one! Bring this and you’ll surely have steamy nights with your partner.

And don’t forget, Sex in The Shower sex toys and your Rubba Ducky to make love in the bathroom! They are east to store as they just look like ordinary bathroom tools.

Vibrating Sponge

Vibrating Sponge

When I buy sex toys online, I make sure to buy the things that I really, really need or will need in the future the way I would normally do on a usual grocery / shopping spree.

Born under the Piscean water sign, I guess I am drawn to the cooling and replenishing effects of submerging myself in bodies of water such as the pool, beach or my bath tub.

Purchasing the Vibrating Sponge truly added up to my aqua delight. It is a sex toy concealed as a bath tool for total discretion. Its not something that kids would find appealing or even attempt to play with. Could you imagine lying down on a bubble bath with a vibrating massager that soothes away the stress bringing you to heavenly bliss?

A vibrating bullet is hidden underneath the sponges layer and runs on 3 watch batteries. This means that I get to enjoy 3 marvelous things: a soothing massage, a relaxing bath and an orgasm all these from one small novelty. The quality of this adult novelty is so good that the bullet fits snugly inside. My concern was that it might fall out easily when I over use it. I was definitely wrong. It just stays inside obediently like a trained puppy would.

The Anal Kit

The Anal Kit

Whenever I buy sex toys online, I try to ignore the urge to purchase anal sex toys. I am a self-proclaimed anti-anal sex individual. Yes, I am a sexually active female and have had a lot of ex boyfriends and sexual partners who have tried to get me into performing anal sex with them; and every time I get those, I immediately say My ass only goes one way!

If I were to pick a sex toy, it would most likely be a female vibrator like the rabbit or a clit stick. I mean, what are anal vibrators for when you can reach orgasms by stimulating the clitoris or G spot.

On my 23rd birthday, my best friend who was an anal-sex goddess purchase The Anal Kit for me. It took a couple of hours and bribery just to convince me. An iMac was at stake and I knew that it was in her nature to live by her words. (And yes, she is one heck of a rich business tycoon!)

The anal kit looked tempting at first glance. I was thinking of making them mini vibrators and setting aside their main purpose. With a heavy heart, I took the box of anal vibrators in my hand and carefully examined the contents. Ok, turns out that theres only one anal vibrator but it comes with three different penis sleeves with crazy textures and tiny knobs.

I got some anal lubes from my friends medicine cabinet and started to lubricate a sleeve after placing it on the vibrator.

The first plunge was rather uncomfortable, probably because the material used to make the product was plastic instead of the user-friendly silicones that I have gotten used to. By my 6th stroke, my anal muscles were able to relax and admit the size of the mini shaft. Of course, a person cannot turn into a new leaf overnight so I tried it again the following night, and the next night, til the next after that. When I finally got the hang of it, I tried the knobby textured sleeve and I swear, it felt awesome! How could I deprive myself with this kind of pleasure?

Well, aside from being a newly-converted anal sex lover, I am happy to announce that my friend handed me a brand new laptop. I recommend this product especially to those who are not so anally experienced.



I saw the We-vibe one time at an online sex toys shop. It was sort of pricey for the average sex toy and I knew that I had to do a thorough research on it before considering on buying one for myself. (This is what I normally do when it comes to purchasing any adult product. Who wouldnt want to get their moneys worth?)

This is what I found out so far about this highly acclaimed high end vibrator:

  • It is made of 100 percent high quality silicone
  • It weighs not more than 2 ounces
  • It conforms with the contours of the womans vagina and also serves as a prostate massager for the male
  • It has 9 exciting vibration modes that you can control using the built in power button on the thicker end of the toy (high, ascending, ramp, low, wave, tease, throbbing, pulse and chacha)
  • It is water resistant meaning you could submerge it in the tub while making love to your partner
  • It is the only sex toy ever invented that you could wear during intercourse
  • It is rechargeable and lasts up to 2 hours while using it (this is the downside of this product because in order to have it fully charged, it has to be plugged in for 24 hours!)
  • It is very quiet, provides hands-free action, may be used alone or with a partner, and gives blissful vibes of stimulation

Whenever I check out sex toys for couples, I do not only look at the physical aspects but I also consider the ease of use; like, whether or not I would need to buy lubrication to enhance its performance, how would it feel for a first time user, how long will it last or if its durable, and if it is easy to clean.

The We-vibe certainly surpassed my expectations.

Lelo Bo Bordeaux Cock Ring

Lelo Bo Bordeaux Cock Ring

I have never worn a cock ring before and not sure what it really feels like and what to expect from it. Though I had vibrators pressed against my cock and I actually enjoyed the sensation it brought me.

Bo is a very flexible sex toy that can accommodate any cock size easily. Besides helping me maintain the weak erection I have, it feels nice and tight and I manage to have phenomenal orgasms. The ring itself is really stretchy; it can be worn in many different ways to maximize its wonderful vibrations and at the same time, feeling comfortable as ever.

Bo vibrations caused me to an intense pleasure of arousal, it enlivened all the nerves along my shaft making my penis ultra sensitive and thought I was going to cum; fortunately I didnt, as it numbs it a little and helped me hold off longer while letting the climax build to an amazing intensity that ends to a longer and harder sex.

I am happy with my relationship, but sometimes I need a little boost to keep myself on the edge, and the Lelo Cock Ring did it for me. I think this device can be used by anyone, regardless if you are gay or straight, this powerful little toy can be used as a g spot stimulator. I learned this when I surprised my lady with something she has never felt before. She was wordless after collapsing on the mattress. Its not often that I am able to stimulate my womans G-spot thats why I am really thankful.

Another advantage of this sex toy, it also works as a female sex toy. Even after I finished, my wife kept on playing with it on her clit! Awesome.

To top it all, after providing us long hours of bliss with this sex toy, I was able to explore new possibilities with my wife. Not only was I able to hold off longer, but it made our relationship stronger than before. The pleasure of a Bo orgasm cannot be compared to other sensations Ive experienced.

Highly recommended.

Wild Kit

Wild Kit

You know those days when you feel like unleashing your inner sexual demons and you have no idea how to tame squirming and raging hormones? Well, it is a good thing that I was able to purchase the Wild Kit from an online sextoys shop way before I felt extremely antsy.

Ok, I know this may sound pathetic but by the sound of the said products, these are supposed to be sex toys for couples right? Well, I decided to be selfish and satisfy myself using these without the aid of a partner.

It happened one summer night when I felt the kinkiness knock on my groin region. It felt like being overly hungry and you have to rush to the nearest grocery or food joint to satisfy that hunger. Lucky for me, I just needed to rush to my closet, get the package that had been patiently waiting for me for ages, some sanitary wipes, and I was good to go.

Let me specify the fun sex toys included in the kit:

  • One 6 inches multiple speed G spot vibrator that works perfectly like any other high end vibrators; that, and a bunch of soft rubber dildos
  • An anal probe that is also good for stimulating the perineum (I actually use this together with the vibrator so I could get both anal and vaginal stimulation. I use a lubricant of course.) and;
  • A Clitoris stimulator that works like any other clit stimulator which is not such a bad thing

I am highly impressed by the quality of the products although I wasnt that satisfied with the anal probe. Maybe I was doing something wrong with it. I liked the rubber dildos though. The look like real penises and the good thing is, they feel real too.

Fun Tickler Vibes

Fun Tickler Vibes

Online Sex Toy Stores have been selling different kinds of adult toys. From womens and mens sex toys, to couples and fetish sex toys. And these toys have the same purpose, to give pleasure to each and everyone of us.

The sex toy industry has been growing each year and offers a wide array of adult toys. They all come in different shapes, sizes, textures and colors. Now there are new toys for everyone to make sex more enjoyable and daring. Like clit teasers, finger fun, tongue vibe, sleeves and penis extensions. All made and ready to cater to everyones needs. Buy Sex Toys Online.

  • Super-Quad-Cock Ring is made out of a soft stretchy silicone material that can accommodate all penis sizes. It has raised pleasure nubs for extra sensation and promotes strong multi-speed vibrating action for both partners. A great waterproof vibe that provides clitoral or anal stimulation. Its a cock ring that will help males to enjoy more powerful and long lasting erection. It can be used over 40minutes!
  • Clit-Stimu-Cock Ring is an extreme vibe pleasure cock ring with a built-in tongue attachment for vaginal stimulation. Its made with a super soft sensuous silicon material and has a very powerful motor. It allows you to have up to 40min of pleasure. Also, its entirely water resistant and accommodates all sizes.
  • Clit-Stimu-Anal-Climax is a silicone scorpion-like pleasure ring with tongue/anal stimulator and anal beads. Designed to stimulate your most warm and intimate hot spots. It has a built in tongue attachment that comes in a textured finish for extra stimulation. And, with high powered motors that will certainly give you intense waves of ecstasy!
  • Screaming O-Ling-O Tongue Vibrator is a new silicone extension on how to pleasure your partner. It gives tingling vibrations while the soft nodules and pleasure bumps bring you to orgasmic heaven. This Ling-O oral vibrator is a quiet, safe, vibrating massager. Its contoured design is made to stay firmly in place on your tongue no matter how hard or fast you go and it slips on comfortably. It can last up to 40min and its compact carrying case makes it the perfect traveling companion.
  • Super Dual Cock Ring is the worlds first cock ring that has two powerful motors. Greatly designed for His and Her pleasure. This cock ring has bulged nubs to give direct clitoral stimulation and at the same time it gives powerful vibrations and pulsating actions. Share 40min of pleasure as this vibrating cock ring, clit stimulator and testicle teaser bring you the greatest experience ever. Create maximal pleasure and double the fun with this dual motor cock ring!
  • Climax Penis Sleeve is a textured silicone pleasure sleeve stimulator that couples can really enjoy. Its basically a penis sleeve with a vibrating bullet and raised nubbies for maximum pleasure for both partners. Its made stretchable to accommodate all sizes and once you slip it on, it will create a perfect grip.
  • Finger Arousal Mini-Vibe is a silicon finger sleeve with a vibrating bullet. Slip it on to any finger to sooth and stroke your most intimate spots. It has a super soft finish with bulged nubbies for your extra pleasure. This mini tickler delivers powerful pulsations and waves of pleasure and the discreet multi-speed vibe fits comfortably around your finger. And, the fun doesnt stop in the bedroom; its fully submergible so you can play with it while having a good time in the tub.

These are the new fun sex toys that can be bought in the best, leading Online Sex toy Store. All made to pleasure all the lovers out there! Grab yours now and experience these fun tickler vibes with your lover. Make sex more enjoyable than ever!

Sex Accessories

Sex Accessories

Sex is all about sensation, and the more sensations you feel at one time, the more electrifying it will be.

Some individuals agree in the use of props to make things spicier in the sack. Sexy accessories, skin-tingling items, and appetizing edibles will certainly make your nights a little naughtier. Couples can benefit from these teasing accessories, playful games and techniques that take sex to a sizzling stage of intensity.

  • Foreign Body.Sex toys and massagers are commonly used during intercourse. Believe it or not, these gizmos stifle even the hottest relationships. (Get the hottest toys near you or let it be delivered at your doorstep)
  • Adult DVD.Watch these xxx movies and get new ideas to include in your sex episodes. (Free Adult DVD upon sign-up)
  • Pillows.Give any position a little oomph and at the same time feel comfortable and relaxed. Stacking pillows under your backside helps spread her legs easily and lets your partner enter you at a deeper angle.
  • Ice cubes and hot tea.This will make a cold and warm sensation. Do it at the same time and the difference in temperature will drive him wild.
  • Silky fabric.Some people are aroused when a smooth and silky fabric touches their skin. Its more stimulating if rubbed gently in erogenous zones and make sure it has a pleasant smell.
  • Small Fan.Whoevers on top, aim it at her/his back, the extra tickling of air surrounding his/her bottom makes it even more stimulating for her/him.
  • Mint candies/Mint toothpaste.Eat mint candies or brush your teeth with mint toothpaste and not only will it give the cool refreshing feeling, but it also numbs the genitals a little bit so as to help one to last longer.
  • Whipped cream.Adding sweet creams will make foreplay more fun. Use them to spell words or arrows to lead them where you want them to be. Put over sensitive zones and as you lick it off, it will leave behind a tingly, cool sensation.
    Pouring any mixture onto your man is always a yummy idea. It might be sticky, but its sweeter than anything else. (E.g. ice cream, flavored popsicles, icing, etc.)
  • Lubes.These body action lubes come in cool colors, flavored and tempting tastes with funky and playful scents. These lubes will make a more daring flesh to flesh motion and at the same time making it syrupy.
    Incorporate these Sexcessories in your daily routine. It will surely make the deed more luscious.
  • Swing.The easiest way to situate your partner in any position or angle you want to. Just hold on to it, and swing your way to cloud 9. (Available at Sex toys Australia online)
  • Lingerie and costumes.When you look sexy, you FEEL sexy! Great visual stimulators that will make your partner beg for more.
  • Mouth gags. Are worn during bondage in a BDSM scene. You can get sexually aroused by the mouth gags. Feel dominated in the bedroom, or take control of your naughty Lover!
  • Cuffs / Chain (with blindfold / bondage). These love chains will look very sexy, especially when performing the all time favorite, role playing! This is where BDSM comes in because one wants to dominate. There will be lots of pressure and pain but, it always ends up in a very satisfying way.
  • Jewelry.Belly, nipple, clit, and tongue rings! These rings are considered pleasurable as they react when flicked and tickled. They add extra stimulation when rubbed against your partner.

Grab one of these adult toys at any Adult Sex toy store in Australia and let your imagination and creativity lead the way towards a sexy, fun and fulfilling sex life!

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