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FAQs - General


Some common questions.

Who is Eleven Creations?

Eleven Creations is Australia's favourite online adult store. We have over 16 years experience selling adult products in the adult retail and mail-order industry. We've listened to our customers and have developed an online adult store that can satisfy all our customers! Our experience and knowledge in the Adult products industry means that we have exclusive buying power. Put simply, our customers recieve discounted prices and quality adult products!

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Why should I make an account?

By joining Eleven Creations as a Standard Member or EC Platinum Card Member, you'll receive loads of exclusive discounts on adult products. Our online newsletter is sent out each month to our customers, so you can keep up with the latest news and online specials from Eleven Creations HQ!

You can also request our full colour adult products catalogue to be sent to your home address or PO Box. Your details will be securely stored on our server, making it easy to purchase online without re-entering ALL of your delivery details each time (phew!). You can also check previously purchased items and reciepts.

You may cancel your membership at anytime. Simply sign in to the members area and update your mailing list status. Click here if you would like to sign in now.

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Can I check the status of my order?

Yes. Simply login to the members area, located on the right hand panel of the website. Once you have signed in, you'll be able to check your order status, view previous orders, update your details and also view the latest news and online specials.

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I lost my password! What can I do?

All is not lost! Click here and enter your username. Your password will be sent to your email address.

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How much will it cost to deliver my order?

All our orders, no matter what size or weight has a standard flat delivery rate of $10. If you want your products to arrive to you the following business day, we suggest selecting the Express Post option, which is only an extra $10.

Eleven Creations recommends the express post delivery option on all orders, as this will save time and your order can be checked through Australia Post.

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Can I order over the Phone or by Post?

Yes. You can order any product from our website or catalogue by calling us on (03) 9415 7438. Or send us your order, attached with a cheque / money order to: P.O Box 549 MDC, St. Albans VIC 3021.

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Is it safe to use my credit card on this website?

Definately. We utilise industry standard encryption so you can rest assured your personal credit card details remain confidential. After processing an order, no credit card details are retained at Eleven Creations. We regard personal privacy highly and at no time do we transmit insecure personal information over the Internet.

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What credit cards do you accept?

We accept MasterCard, Visa and American Express.

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Can I buy with Paypal?

Yes! You can buy any product from our website with the convenience of the world's most trusted payment option, Paypal. Just select the 'Paypal' Payment Option when you check out your item/s.

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What will my Paypal statement show?

Any item that is purchased with PayPal will show as 'Paypal' on your statement. Very discreet!

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How will you deliver my order?

Your order will be delivered in plain packaging in Standard or Express Post parcels. The item/s will be carefully bubble wrapped and delivered to you in excellent condition. Our branding will not be advertised on the package to ensure your privacy.

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Where do you deliver to?

Most of our orders are delivered within Australia. We have arranged postage to New Zealand, Asia, UK and the USA. If you need further details regarding delivery, please call customer service on (03) 9415 7438 and one of our friendly staff members will be able to assist you with any further queries.

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What if I'm not home?

If there is no one at home to accept delivery, Australia Post will take your package to your local post office. Australia Post will leave a 'pick up' note in your letterbox, allowing you to collect your delivery at your convenience. Your order will not have our branding and there'll be no need to mention 'Eleven Creations' when you pick up the package.

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Do you deliver to P.O. Boxes?

Yes, to all Australian P.O. Boxes.

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Will you respect my privacy?

Yes. We've been in the adult retail and mail-order industry for over 16 years, so we understand how important your privacy is when dealing with products of this nature. Click here for more information on how we handle your privacy.

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Can I get more information about a product?

Yes. Please Email our staff at info@elevencreations.com.au or call our customer service department on (03) 9415 7438. We'll happily answer any questions on any of our products.

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